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From the desk of Steven A. Williams, President and Founder - Creator of $10K Program

Back in 2006 I really got serious about my credit repair company.  I had helped some business associates repair their credit and they started referring family and friends to get help with their credit.


Why I Started My Credit Repair Business

Personally my goal was to create another profit center to help bring in more income.  I also wanted to prove I could make another successful business from scratch.  And I really got a lot out of helping people repair their credit.  It changed my life when my credit was repaired and I saw how it changed the lives of my customers when we helped them.


My Journey 

When I finally made the decision to make The Credit Repair Shop into a real business.  That meant I would have to invest money into marketing the business to generate leads and turn those leads into paying customers.


Right away I started advertising my business in print magazines, online post on craigs list, facebook, google, yext and other online directories.  None of it was working.  So the next big idea I had was to purchase leads.  I found several websites that sold them.  There was one that sold leads of people who had been turned down for a mortgage.  Another had payday loan and auto loan turn downs.  Another just sold leads that were people with bad credit.


Little did I know that would be one of the biggest mistake I would ever make, BUT it was also a learning experience.  When my team would call the leads they would be full of wrong numbers and the people would yell at us, and some would ask how do you know my credit situation.  I was totally embarrased and my frustration was at an all time high!


I serious tried just about everything to generate leads.  I watched youtube videos on lead generation, I bought programs on list building and lead generation.  I even paid $7,000 to a "Sales Funnel / Lead Generation Guru" in California.  And I also purchased email addresses and sent out spam email.  Yes my email account was shutdown immediately by my ISP provider.


I had to get my business working because I was putting $2,000 per month from my personal funds to keep my credit repair business open.


My Ah Ha Moment

I ran across a post on Facebook from a guy (I can't remember his name), he gave the best advice for marketing a business online.  The crazy thing about it was he didn't tell how to do it, he just said what should be the focus of a business owner who is trying to market their business online.


I still remember he's words like it was yesterday..."Pick 1 online platform to market your business on, figure out how to generate leads from that platform and figure out how to convert them into sales.  After you figure that out keep doing it."  That seems so simple and easy to follow but it's not.  Remeber all the different ways I was trying to generate business for my company.  Posting ads, buying leads, directories, emails, etc.  I was all over the place.  No wonder I couldn't figure anything out and make it work.


So I decided to do exactly what he said without question.  I choose 1 platform and I generated leads from there.  I didn't make many sales but I had figured out my lead problem.  I was able to generate leads for my company on demand.  I was able to actually get people on the phone who wanted to talk to us about repairing their credit.


It was eye opening because until I figured out how to generate leads, I really couldn't move forward with growing my credit repair business.  Eventhough I wasn't making a lot of sales, I had a REAL SYSTEM IN PLACE!


I used 1 platform to generate leads, quality leads, leads of people who wanted my services.


The Game Plan In Action

Ok, we had a tone of leads, but low sales.  I decided to put together my game plan, a strategy to turn my leads into sales.  The plan worked so good my company grew fast to over $29,500 per month in revenue.  Before that my best month was probably $3,000.  


My plan was very simple but each step had to be done the right way.

Step 1 – Generate Leads from people who wanted credit repair services from 1 platform.

Step 2 – Call all the leads back in a timely manner and get them on the phone.  Pitch them our services using a sales script we developed.

Step 3 – Utilize online applications such as email auto responders, text messaging services to follow up with leads we generated.

Step 4 – Make sure my team and I was consistently doing this everyday even if we didn’t make a sale.


What Happened On The Way Up

Everything was great, at least I thought it was.  As I grew my credit repair business I noticed that it was more than just making money.  It was about learning and growing strong on the inside.


I rarely admit this, but there were several times I almost quit my business even after I got it going.  I’ve learned that consistency, understanding how to deal with frustration and gaining inner strength was truly the lesson in my journey.


So I focused more on personal growth and helping my customers to the best of my ability.  I grew my team and I gave them the tools and personal attention to grow.  I’ve experienced many ups and downs in my business, but it made me a stronger person.  It also made my business stronger.


I believe my story and experience qualifies me to help guide you to becoming a successful credit repair business own.


If you follow my footsteps and just have faith in what I tell you to do.  You'll have the best chance at success.  You have nothing to lose.  I'm offering a 100% Moneyback Guarantee. 


You won't have to worry about that because I'm not teaching theory. 


I'm teaching you what I've learned over the last 13 years in the credit repair industry and what I continue to learn daily as I run my company.


Here's What You're Going To Get and Why It's Important:

  • Video #1 - Mindset Needed to be Succesful in the Credit Repair Business - you need to understand how you'll need to be thinking to make it in this business.  There's a lot of stuff you'll need to be aware of to help you stay on track toward success.  I'm going to give you that information and show you what to do with it.
  • Video #2 - How to make a Script that will close 75%-80% of the people you get on the phone - having a script that is proven for today's type of customers is like having gas for your car.  You have to have it to work and you have to get it right or you'll be frustrated with poor results.  I'm going to give you the exact script that my reps have used to close 1,000's of customers each and everyday.
  • Video #3 - 3 Must Have's you need when designing your website - your website is your online business card and a automated sales rep.  If you get these 3 things right you'll start to make sales while you sleep and get people who want to sign up sending you emails requesting that you call them.
  • Video #4 - How To Make Money $$$ While You Sleep - I get customers that sign up from my website without talking to anyone.  I'm going to show you exactly how to do it and if you don't you're leaving money $$$ on the table for another credit repair company to take from you.
  • Video #5 - How to Advertise your credit repair business online and generate leads 24/7/365 - Every business needs a "Fresh" batch of people who are interested in doing business with them.  I'm going to show you exactly how I generate leads on demand from tiny online ads.
  • Video #6 - Simple Step by Step Strategy of how to get to $10,000 or more revenue per month - This is where I'm going to give you the same roadmap I developed and implemented in my business to get to $10,000 per month revenue.  If you follow it, I GUARANTEE you'll get to $10,000 per month or more.











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